Custom Printed Ribbon

Would you like your very own printed ribbon?

Minimum is only 2 rolls! You can choose for your 2 rolls, a black ribbon with white print, and white ribbon with black print.  As long as the print is the same and ribbon width is the same!  


Type of Ribbons:  Single Sided Satin, Double Sided Satin Ribbon, or Grosgrain Ribbons.
Sizes:  6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 38mm+

Length:  91 Metres per roll
Print Type:  Screen Printed, Foil Printed, or Puff Printing
Colours: Over 30 colours to choose from.
Using custom printed ribbon is fantastic way to brand your products.  Printed ribbon is a subtle but an effective way to embellish your items with that essence of style and class!  Making your products stand out is all too important these days and using printed ribbon can be an effective marketing tool.  

You can use printed ribbon to create bows, wrap corporate gifts, use on hampers, bundling presentation folders/books, decorate and enhance products in Retail areas and many other applications.  The key is to have your service and products stand out from the crowd!
When customers are looking at 2 products on a shelf; One is in plain packaging with no embellishments and the other has a beautiful bow, ribbon or tag.  Which do you think they prefer to buy?   Make your products packaging stand out, you will find that products presented better will increase sales, product loyalty and have more people talking about it!