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Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 6 May 2022  

It's time for a change! Our website has been around for more than two decades, with our latest online store being known and loved by our customers for around an entire decade! We are definitely not going anywhere, however, we are super excited to announce that our website is about to undergo a massive face-lift! We want to assure you that with our new website launch, you can expect the exact same structure as per the current online store. You won't have any trouble finding those favourite products, they are all still in the same place! However, we have spent a long time working through all the finer details to provide our wonderful customers what is going to be a visually improved shopping experience, along with some improved functionality here and there (Who doesn't love when things just work, better!?). After our new website launch, you can still expect to see more great product... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 12 January 2022  

Now is the best time to contact us and discuss adding a customised packaging item to your packaging collection! Email us at with your enquiry today. Do you need something quick? Or do you prefer to take your time and special order in something perfect for your requirements? We have options for you! Let us know what you need and we can let you know what the best options are to produce it either exactly, or as close as possible to meet your budget or deadline. Remember, the higher the quantity, the better the price! We encourage our clients to plan several months in advance even for faster turnaround orders to ensure we have the item in stock for you when you need it. Planning well ahead gives our clients more options so that they can ge... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 12 April 2021  

We are now accepting AMEX* credit cards, as well as Google Pay and Apple Pay (for those savvy checkout people!) These options are now already available on our website at the checkout. Google Pay and Apple Pay becomes visible at checkout when you are using a Google or Apple device and you have these payment methods setup on your device. Makes for a quick checkout! We also have Visa , Mastercard , Paypal , Afterpay and Zippay. The two buy-now-pay-later options do have a minimum purchase currently set at $250, so Afterpay and ZipPay options will appear if you have more than $250 in your shopping cart. *Amex does have a small surcha... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 1 February 2021  

All-in-One Gift Box! Perfect for presentation or postage! These gift boxes are great for all types of gifting! They come flat packed, and don't require any adhesive. The gift boxes are very easy to fold and make up. The boxes are coloured inside and out, with matt lamination both inside and outside, so they have a smooth premium finish! (Except for Kraft Finish) ... continue reading

Date Posted : 23 September 2020  

Home delivery services are surging in 2020, especially when it comes to takeaway food solutions. COVID-19 has played its role, meaning more and more people are ordering a bite to eat directly to their home, thanks to government-enforced restrictions and isolation limitations. But the food delivery service industry was surging anyway, with around 68 million food orders taken each year in Australia – or around 7000 orders every hour. Foodservice businesses that are taking advantage of this explosive trend are reaping the rewards far and wide, snatching up benefits including: Larger volume of orders, with home delivery orders exceeding dine-in orders by around 20 per cent. Cover for the loss of foot traffic caused by COVID-19. Exposure to new customers that otherwise might not have discovered your business. ... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 28 May 2020  

There has been the smallest increase in price, we have tried to keep this to a minimum, price would have gone up ~$1.00 We have also had to change the way we pack our tissue paper reams. Due to increase in freight/courier companies declaring our large flat tissue paper ream parcels with 'manual handling' due to be being "flat". The charges for manual handling fees are ~$10 per carton! We don't want to make shipping more expensive or charge more for our tissue paper, so we have had to change the packing. The tissue paper reams will now be folded in half. So the carton is half the size, and less "flat". We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience. ... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 19 May 2020  

Today we have added a new pickup option - Pickup Express - 3 hours. You can collect your order within 3 hours of ordering . We will literally drop what we are doing and get your order ready for collection! We have been inundated with requests for same day pickups, and usually we are pretty quick having orders ready quickly, however when its busy, orders can be 2-3 business days with the packing team. So to make sure we can accommodate everyone and those who urgently need to collect, we now have a new pickup option for express pickups. There is a small fee attached , but this means you could have 1-2 staff members running around getting it all ready for you! Jumping your order ahead of the list. ... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 17 May 2020  

Now more than ever, small businesses are jumping on the trend of online shopping, kickstarting their e-commerce store as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make its mark. Keeping relevant and agile in a time of uncertainty means offering your customers more accessibility to your brand, and right now, there’s no bigger way to do that than to take your store to the digital world. But gearing up to kickstart your own online shop does take some preparation. One of those key steps is making sure you’ve got all the essentials on hand you need to really ‘wow’ your loyal customers. Ultimately, you want them to return, and nothing goes the extra mile quite like quality product packaging and presentation. The product packaging essentials you need for your online store Don’t just throw your goods in a box and hope that’s enough to get by.... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 15 May 2020  

Gifting a bottle of wine can sometimes come off a little underwhelming if you don’t prep the overall presentation with a little more jazz and flair. If you’ve spent a good amount of time and money on finding the perfect drop for someone, it’s always well worth the extra effort to make it look the part as well. So in this post, we’re highlighting some easy ways you can get creative when it comes to personalising that top-notch vino for a friend, family member or colleague. Create a kit out of it A great way to put some extra pizazz into this kind of approach is to make a whole ensemble out of it. Create a sangria kit – for example – so that the receiver has all the essentials on hand to make the ultimate cocktail whenever they’re craving it. Tip: If you’re gifting sparkling wine, include a few different types of fresh fruits in your kit as well. ... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 13 May 2020  

Whether you’re gifting someone something special, or you’re a brand looking to up your antics for creating the ultimate first impression, wrapping your goods is the first best step to take. The unboxing experience is one of the most exciting parts of getting something from the local mailman, or as a kind gesture from a friend or loved one. So, what’s the best way to wrap any kind of shape, without any fuss or hassle? Our experts have collated their top tips in this article to help you get started. Fun fact: Did you know that a recent survey found 67 per cent of respondents don’t like gift wrapping ? Your brand’s presentation Even if you're not handing something over to... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 1 May 2020  

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with the pandemic in full-swing, there’s no better time to show your love and appreciation to your special mum. However, sometimes finding the right gift to express your gratitude and affection can be a bit of a hurdle, so we’ve collated some of the best gift ideas doing the rounds on social media. Best of all, your wallet will love you for them. A cosy pyjama set Choose a print or colour that you know your mum will love – from bunnies to stripes or polka dots – and prepare them for the colder season at the same time. Plus, it’s likely she’s spending more time than usual in her PJs anyway, so this idea is extra nifty. We recommend opting for something with that ‘buttery’, soft feeling. A fresh set of blooms You can never go wrong with a vase of stunning flowers, especially when you assemble them with all of her favourite picks. Jazz it all u... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 1 April 2020  

It's time to think of the types of products and services you may want to get infront of your clients and customers. At the moment, having deliveries or dropping off products to customers locally is the best approach to take. Whether it's your product, combining your product with a new product, or maybe sourcing something entirely new! You could start making new assortments of hampers, gift sets and even care packs to deliver to your customers. Care Packs For your loved ones, parents, grandparents and even for the Kids! You could include Puzzles, Arts/Crafts, magazines, chocolate, tea, coffee and biscuits. You may have a special client that you want to send something to! Keep those special relationships buzzing and grow them stronger! ... continue reading