Date Posted: 14 August 2023  |  Written By Gift Packaging  
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New Gemstone Tissue Paper

When it comes to gift wrapping or adding a touch of elegance to a brand, product or gift, the right choice of tissue paper can make all the difference. We are excited to announce the launch of our beautiful new Gemstone Tissue Paper collection, that promises to elevate the gift-giving experience to a whole new level of brilliance. With its shimmering iridescent diamond gemstone detail, this premium tissue paper is sure to impress! 

With a thickness of 17gsm, each sheet boasts remarkable durability and flexibility allowing you to wrap gifts of various shapes and sizes with ease. Measuring 750 x 500mm, these sheets are perfecting for presenting both small tokens of appreciation and larger heartfelt gestures. We also understand the importance of having an abundant supply of tissue paper for various occasions, which is why our tissue paper come packed in a ream of 480 sheets.

What sets our Gemstone Tissue Paper apart from ordinary wrapping materials is the mesmerizing iridescent diamond gemstone detail, which is embedded into the paper, so they won’t rub or flake off. As the light dances across the surface, the tissue paper glimmers and shifts in colours, akin to the brilliance of a true gemstone. 



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