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Our Contribution to Restoring Australia


We are super proud to announce that this year we have become a bronze partner of Restoring Australia, an initiative run by our proud Australian business partner and client, Officeworks! In a nutshell, Officeworks promises to plant two trees for the equivalent of 1 tree worth of paper-based products sold at Officeworks. As of today, Officeworks have planted 1,456,096 trees since launching the initiative in 2017! How amazing is that!?

Why Restoring Australia?

Large-scale tree planting and land restoration projects worked on by Restoring Australia create habitats to help protect endangered species and allow native wildlife to flourish. Not only do these projects mean so much to our animals but they also support the people too, our landholders and communities are able to thrive in their improved land with the help of these effective treeplanting initiatives. So what kind of impact will Gift Packaging be making? Well partnerships such as ours helped play a part in the the planting of around 245,000 trees during the 2023 planting season from key regions in Wheatbelt (WA), Ottway Ranges (VIC) and Midlands (TAS).

How Does it Happen?

Before you picture your fave local Officeworks team member patting down the soil of a fresh little bud, we must let you know that the bulk of the tree planting is actually brought to life with Greening Australia. Though Officeworks does send many volunteers to help with tree planting and holds their own tree planting events, it's great to know that such a large environmental enterprise is making these large-scale planting projects happen. 



Our Future

Our contribution to this initiative is important to us, because we understand how much the packaging industry can cost the earth. Paper products are our most favoured sustainable packaging solution, but to be truly sustainable we must continue to replenish the earth. Partnership programs provide a substantial contribution to larger scale projects from these types of initiatives, which is why we wanted to take the leap this year and show our true commitment to positively impacting our earth and country, through becoming bronze partners with Restoring Australia.

As our business grows each year we always take time to reflect and adapt our processes, products and services to reduce our footprint on this earth. Whether it's re-using our product cartons to package customer orders, to little changes like removing the plastic shrink wraps on our Paper Raffia Rolls, and even introducing brand new products such as our Recycled Kraft Bag range! We are also always keeping an eye on new materials and technology to develop more sustainable and quality products here at Gift Packaging. Our Bronze partnership with Restoring Australia, however, is our biggest and proudest step as a business to take action on reaching our greener future.

Don't take our word for it either! Read more about the initiative here at the Restoring Australia page on the Officeworks website! Want to see our certificate? Click this Official Certificate Link or preview our certificate below!




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