Date Posted: 19 December 2023  |  Written By Gift Packaging  
Company Updates

We Are Closed for the Holidays!


It’s been a huge year for the Gift Packaging team! From print machine upgrades, new product ranges, record number of orders and our beautiful showroom finally reopening!  

We are grateful to have been so busy this year and we are thankful to have so many clients and customers such as yourself, continuing to support our small business and team.

Whether you ordered from us last year, this year, yesterday... maybe your parcel is still in the post! (Gee whiz have we seen some bad parcel delays this Christmas!)... we send our thanks to all of our once-off and returning customers, for all those big or little orders... it all counts!

We know our clients and customers are some of the busiest people going round, so please everyone, take your well deserved break! We know we will! We look forward to coming back rejuvenated and ready to take on your packaging needs in 2024!







That’s the end of the blog! Thanks for your time.
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