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New Tissue Paper Colours 2024

Vibrant New Colors to our 
Tissue Paper Ream Collection

At Gift Packaging & Accessories 
we’re thrilled to announce the latest 
additions to our tissue paper ream collection! 

Say hello to four stunning new hues 
that are sure to elevate your packaging game: 
Amber, Blush Nude, French Blue, and Watermelon.

Dive into the Palette:

Blush Nude Tissue Paper Ream
Embrace understated elegance with our Blush Nude tissue
paper ream
. Its neutral tone provides a versatile
backdrop for any gift or product presentation.


Amber Tissue Paper Ream
Add warmth and sophistication to your gifts with our
Amber tissue paper ream. Perfect for autumnal themes
or adding a touch of richness to any occasion.


French Blue Tissue Paper Ream: 
Transport your recipients to the charming streets
of Provence with our French Blue tissue paper ream.
Its serene hue exudes sophistication and timeless beauty.


Watermelon Tissue Paper Ream: 
Add a pop of playful color to your packaging 
ensemble with our Watermelon tissue paper ream. 
Vibrant and refreshing, it’s perfect for summery 
celebrations or brightening up any occasion.


Elevate Your Presentation:
Whether you’re wrapping gifts, lining gift bags, 
or crafting DIY projects, our tissue paper reams offer
premium quality and versatility. With 480 sheets per ream,
you’ll have an ample supply to enhance your
packaging efforts for various occasions.


Ready to add a splash of color to your
packaging repertoire?
Explore our entire collection of tissue 
paper reams
and discover even more vibrant 
hues to suit your style.




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