Date Posted: 5 September 2023  |  Written By Gift Packaging  
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Our New Red Magnetic Gift Boxes

Introducing our new red magnetic boxes! The same Magnetic Gift Boxes that you know and love, but now in a brand new colourway!
Available in Small, Medium, Large, Single Bottle & Double Bottle sizes! 


Matt Red Rigid Gift Boxes are great for all your premium gifting needs They come flat, but can be made up in seconds! Once made, they are a beautiful sturdy rigid presentation gift box with a magnetic closing lid. They are finished in a smooth anti-scratch matt laminated finish. Anti-scratch lamination is much more durable than regular matt lamination. 

About the Sizes

Our Small Matt Red Gift Boxes are great for all your small to medium size gifts and measure 240mm wide x 210mm long x 60mm deep externally. This cute size box can fit A5 books, small food items, cosmetics, skincare and other smaller gifts.

The next size up is our Double Wine Bottle Matt Red Gift Boxes which measure 340mm long x 185mm wide x 90mm deep. These are great for presenting two standard sized bottles of wine, or perhaps one bottle of wine with goodies. Of course, you can also use this size for any sort of gifts you like, there is no inserts in this box. 

Only have one bottle of wine? You can go for our Single Wine Bottle Matt Red Gift Boxes. These are great for any long gift as well, but they can fit one standard sized wine bottle. They measure 340mm long x 90mm wide x 90mm deep.

For a medium sort of hamper you can for our Medium Matt Red Gift Boxes, these are great for all your medium to large size gifts. These measure 340mm long x 260mm wide x 90mm deep externally. They have the same depth as the wine bottle box, so they can fit a wine bottle as well as other goodies like chocolate, a wine glass, perfume, notebooks and more. You can fit A4 sized documents or booklets in here too.

If you're making a large hamper you can go for our Large Matt Red Gift Boxes, these are great for all your larger sized gifts. These measure 420mm long x 330mm wide x 110mm deep externally. These are deeper than all the other boxes so you will be able to fit deeper bottles in these boxes. The large hamper gift box is generous in size and can fit larger items such as a hoodie, slippers or perhaps a gown! Or simply make a massive hamper full of lots of small to medium gifts!


How They Work?

Our magnetic boxes are supplied flat for optimal storage. They have strong 3M adhesive strips in place, simply peel, push the box up together and you're done! If you can build up your boxes the night before packing your gift, this will give it extra time to strengthen those bonds.


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