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New DEEP Black + White Magnetic Gift Boxes!

Deep magnetic gift boxes come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours to suit any occasion. Whether you're presenting a birthday present, a wedding gift, or a corporate giveaway, these boxes offer a versatile and elegant packaging solution that adds a touch of refinement to any gift-giving experience.

Our Deep Rigid Gift Boxes come flat, but can be made up in seconds! Once made, they are a beautiful sturdy rigid presentation gift box with a magnetic closing lid. They are finished in a smooth matt laminated finish.

With strong adhesive tape strips in place, simply peel, push the box together and you're done!

Our Small Deep Magnetic Boxes feature a deep interior space, allowing for the presentation of a variety of gifts, from small trinkets to larger items like clothing, books, or gourmet treats. The deep design also adds an element of luxury, creating a sense of anticipation as the recipient unveils the contents of the box.


Our Medium Deep Magnetic Boxes are perfect for larger gifts or lots of smaller gifts!

The magnetic closure mechanism adds to the overall appeal of the gift box, providing a seamless and sophisticated way to open and close the box. This magnetic closure not only enhances the aesthetics of the box but also ensures that the contents are securely held in place during transit or display.

Our Single Champagne Bottle Deep Magnetic Boxes are now able to easily fit those special champagne bottles!
Choose your favourite bottle of sparkling with ease, knowing it will fit beautifully.

Our Double Champagne Bottle Deep Magnetic Boxes can easily fit two bottles of your favourite bubbly!

Deep magnetic gift boxes are a stylish and functional packaging option for presenting gifts on special occasions. These boxes combine the elegance of a well-crafted gift box with the convenience of magnetic closure, ensuring that your gift is not only beautifully presented but also securely enclosed.


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