Gift Wrapping with Tissue Paper – The possibilities are endless!

Tissue paper is an incredibly versatile material which is why it makes a great substitute for wrapping paper when it comes to presenting your gift. Tissue paper will give you a slightly softer and classic look and is very easy to work with.

One of the main benefits of using tissue paper is that it comes in a multitude of colours and patterns and is suitable to use all year round. If you make sure you always have a few reams of tissue paper in the house, you know you are able to wrap a gift quickly and effortlessly.

Where possible always try and buy acid free tissue paper as this means the material will not tarnish whatever you are wrapping. Selecting colourfast tissue paper is also important as it means should the paper get wet, the colour will not affect whatever you have wrapped.

Although tissue paper is ideal for wrapping most things, larger items might be more problematic, as you may not be able to find sheets big enough. It is possible to buy tissue paper reams, which are made up of 480 sheets that measure 750mm x 500mm.  

It is advisable that before you start wrapping, you make sure you have enough tissue paper to double wrap as the paper is quite delicate. If the item is going to be handled by children or travelling somewhere, tissue paper may not be the best option.  

As well as using tissue paper in the more traditional sense of wrapping, you can also use it to wrap difficult objects, such as a wine bottle, using the “candy wrapper” technique. Wrap the paper around the main base of the object and simply twist it round at the top and secure with a pretty ribbon.

Tissue paper is also ideal for using as a gift bag filler or for protecting an item. Wrapping an item loosely in some tissue paper placed in a gift bag helps increase the element of surprise when it comes to identifying what the item is, whilst also making the presentation more pleasing on the eye.

Another great benefit to using tissue paper is if it becomes crumpled in any way, instead of just throwing it out, you can resurrect it quite easily by simply using a dry iron on a low setting and ironing out the wrinkles.

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