Date Posted: 3 February 2014  |  Written By Michael Baker  

Green Wrap Exbox - Eco Friendly Packaging

Eco Friendly Packaging, alternative to bubble wrap and foam peanuts!

What is Greenwrap?

It's an eco friendly biodegradable paper protective packaging material made from SFI/Recycled material.  A fantastic alternative to plastic bubble wrap and foam peanuts. But not only is greenwrap eco friendly and reducing plastic packaging wrap going to landfill, it looks GREAT and it's cost effective!

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We are proud to introduce Greenwrap Eco-Friendly Protective packaging material, first-of-its-kind to hit Australia!  It is an alternative to bubble wrap and plastic peanuts. Basically, it is a cushioning Kraft material with patented slits, that when stretched provides a cushioning/protective barrier. The paper is 100% recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable, and is manufactured using either SFI (sustainable forestry Initiative) certified or recycled content.  












Greenwrap in the Exbox takes up far less storage space than bubblewrap as it comes in a neat dispenser box, which you expand as you wrap your items. Greenwrap Exbox expands to 228 metres of greenwrap material. It also reduces the need for sticky tape as greenwrap can grip itself when folded. You can even pack up to 60% faster with less time folding and taping. The protection is fantastic, the cushioning angled cells direct impact and shock away from your wrapped items.
Make a stand on messy foam peanuts and bubble wrap and use greenwrap to wrap and protect your goods for your customers.  Your customers will be impressed by the presentation and safety of their wrapped goods, while you are protecting the earth, improving your packing speeds, and taking up less space in your warehouse.


How will you Save using Greenwrap?

  • Productivity: GreenWrap is up to 60% faster than bubble or foam
  • No Tape: GreenWrap grips itself: eliminate slow, unattractive, hard to use tape
  • Storage: The GreenWrap Occupies 30L of space while 228.6m of bubble wrap occupies 225L of space!
  • Reduce Box Size: Smaller boxes cost less, are cheaper to ship, and more efficient to pack
  • Material Reduction: Use 10% to 25% less GreenWrap than bubble or foam


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Eco-friendly packaging

19 December 2018
i was just surfing the internet and came across to this page i just loved the Eco friendly proactive packaging materials you are using and the warping technique of products is completely a unique idea.
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