Date Posted: 4 April 2014
Gift Wrapping Tips

How to Gift Wrap With Style – A Guide To Ensure Gift Wrapping Success.


A properly wrapped present can show the receiver the amount of time and effort you put into making their gift special.

There is a significant difference in the way they will react from a normal gift bag to a well decorated present. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend more on wrapping your gift with style.

To help you gift wrap with style, below are some tips to ensure your gift is memorable yet still affordable.

Have The Appropriate Tools
For some people, they believe a pair of scissors, adhesive tape and some wrapping paper is everything you need to package gifts. However, if you want to wrap like a pro, you should consider using a double sided tape dispenser and a rotary cutter instead. The handheld double sided tape dispenser allows you to apply tape to any part of the package with just one hand. The rotary cutter allows you to cut a straight line across your gift wrap. These tools make wrapping more efficient and neat.

Cut The Wrapper On A Cutting Mat
As mentioned above, a rotary cutter is recommended for cleanly cutting your wrapping paper. With this in mind, it is a good idea to cut the paper on a cutting mat. A cutting mat gives you a good grip on the paper. This gives you more control of the rotary blade which helps you make a clean cut.

Use Boxes For items With Identifying Shapes
You might have received a wrapped bottle of wine or cologne as a gift. They are often easy to recognise because of their shape which cannot be hidden by wrapping paper. Use a box to hide the shape of the item you want to give and make odd shapes more uniform. Fill the spaces with shredded or crepe paper.

Use Customised Gift Tags
Gift tags are the last thing in most people’s mind after wrapping their presents. For some, they are content in writing the name of the recipient with a sharpie on the wrapping paper. Gift tags provide a extra little touch which helps make the present more stylish. You can even make your own personalised tags for something special and unique. Read more about making Customised Swing Tags  with us

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