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Gift Wrapping Tips

How To Wrap Something Round


We all know the struggle of managing to get the wrapping paper crinkle-free and snuggly around a circular gift. It’s somewhat of an art form and it can take plenty of skill to accomplish.

Luckily, there are a few hacks you can employ in order to create the perfect look each and every time. Seriously, you’ll make it look like you had a professional on hand.

Here’s how we perfect our wrapping skills on round goodies.

If your present is a ball, for example, twist-wrapping can sometimes be the best option. Simply place the object in the middle of your piece of wrapping paper (making sure there’s plenty of excess), grab the long side of the paper and pull it towards you, bending it up and over the object as you go. As you reach the centre, let the extra paper pop out to the sides.

Secure the top with a ribbon, gathering all excess paper together. 
The folding method

Believe it or not, folding your paper over a round gift can be done. Just place it in the centre of the paper, just like before, and make sure the longer sides are at the front and behind it. The shorter sides should be on either side.
Tip: Pretend you’re wrapping a box and you’ll stay out of trouble.

Now, fold the longer sides over the product and tape it all in place. Make sure they overlap and double-check there’s no gap. Finish it off by making triangular golds on the ends of the gift and pulling it down to be flush against the object. Tape it all into place.

For cylinder-shaped gifts
This is more simple than the other methods. All you need to do is place the cylinder on its side, back into the middle of the paper. It should sit close enough to the edge at the bottom and top so that it is easy enough to fold the paper in later on. 

Roll the wrapping over the cylinder. Then, carefully bend the paper at the top and bottom inwards, and secure with tape. Try to eliminate all creases while you do this. The trick here is to make sure the folds are as tight as possible. The end result should look like you’ve made a spiral at the end of the present.

Additional tips 
• Make sure you choose a high-quality wrap with a bold pattern and the ability to capture attention. No one likes a present that looks Plain Jane.
• So that your circular gift sits right if you’re choosing to use a gift bag, place some tissue paper in the bag before positioning the present in there. This will keep it secure in its spot.

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