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How To Stock Up On Packaging Essentials For Your Online Store

Now more than ever, small businesses are jumping on the trend of online shopping, kickstarting their e-commerce store as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make its mark. Keeping relevant and agile in a time of uncertainty means offering your customers more accessibility to your brand, and right now, there’s no bigger way to do that than to take your store to the digital world.

But gearing up to kickstart your own online shop does take some preparation. One of those key steps is making sure you’ve got all the essentials on hand you need to really ‘wow’ your loyal customers. Ultimately, you want them to return, and nothing goes the extra mile quite like quality product packaging and presentation.

Don’t just throw your goods in a box and hope that’s enough to get by. You customers invested in a product, but they also invested in your brand – so make it stick. Use your first impression as the biggest opportunity to give them loyalty in faith; enough to make them come back for more.

This is essentially an extremely important part of marketing your brand, no matter what kind of goods you sell. And as your competitors also adopt online methods of selling, you’ll need to make sure you’re covering all the right bases to overtake them. So start here.


1. Understand The Importance

Did you know 40 per cent of customers are more likely to repeat a purchase if you put effort into your packaging?

2. Decide on Boxes, Bags or Mailers

There are lots of options on the market now – especially from our store – to choose from. Decide whether you’d prefer your goods in a cardboard box or potentially a corrugated option for more stability. Some objects also do well in a bag, so assess your sizes and specifications carefully.

3. Tissue paper Work Wonders

Carefully wrap goods in Tissue Paper to add flair and that extra bit of excitement. Think of layers as a way to build up anticipation – unboxing experiences are extremely important to customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

4. Fill Space Up

Things like Paper Shreds & Fillers , Green Wrap or Bubble Wrap are great for filling up empty areas of your packaging. Remember you want your customers to feel like they’re getting as much value out of their delivery as possible, and excess space in a box or bag won’t do that.

5. Tape or Stickers

Clear Packaging Tape  is a staple to secure boxes safely, but if you’d like to go the extra mile, choose to get some Custom Labels made up as well!

6. Write a note

Customers are more likely to spread the good word about your business if you engage with them and personalise their experience. Write them a note thanking them for their purchase or to wish them a good day. It’s that simple. We can even supply Custom Printed Cards for you!


What might your must-have staples for your online business be?




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