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Are Sales Down? What Can You Sell Right Now?

It's time to think of the types of products and services you may want to get infront of your clients and customers.   

At the moment, having deliveries or dropping off products to customers locally is the best approach to take.  

Whether it's your product, combining your product with a new product, or maybe sourcing something entirely new! You could start making new assortments of hampers, gift sets and even care packs to deliver to your customers.

Care Packs
For your loved ones, parents, grandparents and even for the Kids! You could include Puzzles, Arts/Crafts, magazines, chocolate, tea, coffee and biscuits. You may have a special client that you want to send something to!  Keep those special relationships buzzing and grow them stronger!

Essential Supply Gift Sets
Tissues, toilet paper, bread, long life milk, rice, pasta, biscuits, oh and don't forget the cheeses. Get in touch with local, fresh produce suppliers and colloborate to make a gift set that can be dropped off to the local community.   

Easter Fun
You could include chocolates (of course!), DIY easter activities, some small gift bags so the whole family can join the easter egg hunt in the garden or home. Even colouring books, paints and face paints are a bit of fun!

Medical Kits
Sanitiser, Masks, Gloves, Hand Soap, maybe automatic soap dispensers?  These items are of course harder to get, but if you can get them, you can make a great pack. This may put some minds at ease knowing they have a box of essential medical supplies.

Wine & Alcohol
5 o'clock drinks are at home! There are plenty of friends and family using facetime, messenger, whatsapp to share their #stayathome drinks on social media!  Curate a selection of different drinks so friends and family and have something to talk about, drink and share via social media.  Maybe a non-alcoholic option too!  Wine and Cheese, Wine and Chocolates.

Entertainment Package
Did you know you can get Netflix Giftcards?  Is this not the ulitimate couch potato gift at the moment?  You can organise books, book vouchers, magazines, all combined with something you want to sell, promote or just to keep your top customers happy!

Work From Home Kit
Try bundling some essentials that someone might need to work from home. Whether it's just a notepad and some pens, or perhaps even a pair of headphones bundled with a new mobile - we can keep eachother motivated to do the best job possible at home with a thoughtful #workfromhome hamper! You could be supplying these kits to your employees or perhaps you're a business wanting to increase your sales - customers love getting better value from a bundle pack!


Learn from Home Kit
Ensure your students or trainees keep up with all the required content that they need to know for the next few months. You can send them a physical workbook, informative booklets or perhaps even a USB full of digital content and exercises!


Send a letter!
Let your customers know you are thinking of them, encourage them to stay home and stay safe. You could even include a voucher or gift card to help them through this tough time and entice them to jump onto your website!  There is something joyful about receiving a letter in the mail; never underestimate the power of a letter!  If you have nice hand writing, then hand write it!

We want everyone to do the right thing and #stayathome so we can get through this horrible event together. At the same time, with plenty of people at home, that means more people are on social media... Get awareness of your brandshow you are helping, provide a gift, get them to tag you, share your business, get your business to be front of mind... so when everything returns to normal, your business will be remembered!



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