Date Posted: 15 May 2014
DIY Projects

Simple Wedding Favour Bag Ideas

Customised Paper Bags

A great trend appearing at many weddings is a more DIY approach.Think goodie bags you received as children but more elegant and refined. Brown paper bags are great for adding personal touches with stamps, stickers and ribbons to create a theme appropriate favour. Go for white if you want it to be more wedding themed. Fill it with things like baked goods, a thank you card, apparel or accessories like key chains and beer stubbies. Browse our Fast Turnaround Printed Kraft Bag  range today!

Plants are a great metaphor for the love and growth of a marriage. Give your guests a little reminder of your union with something to care for and love themselves. Choose plants with easy care, such as succulents or cacti, to ensure everyone can keep it thriving with little effort. Get some small, themed boxes and plant the flora inside. Heart shaped boxes or metallic colour schemes are great classics for weddings.

Recipe In A Tin

ind your favourite recipe and put it in a tin, along with the ingredients to make the baked good. Using your favourite recipe makes it personal and giving the guests the ingredients means they have something they can do at home to make them think of you and your nuptials.
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