Date Posted: 9 August 2016
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Star Gift Bows, They Won't Break The Bank


Gift Star Bows in Bulk!

Best Bang for your buck!  Do you have a lot of gifts to wrap?
Add that extra touch to your gifts!  These gift bows are the perfect addition to wrapping your gifts. Each gift bow, comes with adhesive backing, so you can easily pop a gift bow onto any gift. The classic star gift bow is fun!





Gift Bows in Bulk - Packed 100 per colour.
Our gift bows come in a range of different sizes.  2.5cm gift bows up to 9cm gift bows, so they suit the tiny presents up to large presents. We call the 2.5cm star gift bow, itsy bitsy!  We have plain star bows and also metallic star bows, which add that sparkle to any present! Prices from $0.07ea!

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What Sizes are there?
2.5cm, great for those tiny to small gifts.
5.5cm, great for small gifts.
6.5cm, ideal for small to medium gifts.
9cm, for those medium to large gifts!

What Colours are there?

We even stock metallic colours!

So many to choose from, with such a  small price tag. Grab your Star Bows  today to add that little touch that keeps your customers coming back!



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