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The Best Mother's Day Gifts for 2020 that Won't Break the Bank


Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and with the pandemic in full-swing, there’s no better time to show your love and appreciation to your special mum. However, sometimes finding the right gift to express your gratitude and affection can be a bit of a hurdle, so we’ve collated some of the best gift ideas doing the rounds on social media. Best of all, your wallet will love you for them.

A cosy pyjama set.
Choose a print or colour that you know your mum will love – from bunnies to stripes or polka dots – and prepare them for the colder season at the same time. Plus, it’s likely she’s spending more time than usual in her PJs anyway, so this idea is extra nifty.

We recommend opting for something with that ‘buttery’, soft feeling.

A fresh set of blooms.
You can never go wrong with a vase of stunning flowers, especially when you assemble them with all of her favourite picks. Jazz it all up a bit with some curling ribbon or a personalised card that says all the right words.

A blank journal or notebook.
Everyone can use some time to get out of their head. Let your mum indulge in some ‘me’ time with a sleek, vibrant or elegant new journal she can whisk her thoughts away in. Consider whether a lined or bulleted journal may be best.

Candles for votives
Stock up tantalising scents in either pillar candles or tealights. You can even choose from soy options or traditional wax melts, if you’re after an alternative take on these crowd-favourites.

Subscription boxes
A rising trend across the globe, subscription boxes offer plenty of choices when it comes to gifts and some pampering. Think about what your mother’s top interests are, and we bet there’s a box out there for it. From beauty to books, underwear and more – you’ll have trouble choosing just one.

Photographs in a frame
Nothing says sentimental value like a classic photograph in a sophisticated frame. This low-expense option is also great for those that aren’t so sure about other gift ideas. Pop your favourite family or pet photo in your choice of frame and you’re good to go.

If your mum loves her plants but isn’t so great at keeping them alive, succulents are your ideal present. They’re hardy, versatile and come in a whole heap of styles. Choose from small, petite pots or large statement designs – depending on her tastes (and your budget).

When winter is around the corner, is there anything you crave more than a solid, comfy pair of slippers for cooler nights?

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