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Gift Wrapping Tips

The Perfect Hacks to Wrapping Gifts

Whether you’re gifting someone something special, or you’re a brand looking to up your antics for creating the ultimate first impression, wrapping your goods is the first best step to take. The unboxing experience is one of the most exciting parts of getting something from the local mailman, or as a kind gesture from a friend or loved one.

So, what’s the best way to wrap any kind of shape, without any fuss or hassle? Our experts have collated their top tips in this article to help you get started.

Fun fact: Did you know that a recent survey found 67 per cent of respondents don’t like gift wrapping?

Your brand’s presentation
Even if you're not handing something over to someone as a gift or nice gesture, mailing goods out as a business means it's equally as important to make a good impression. Customer perception is crucial – in fact, people form their first impression within 17 milliseconds. So if you do not impress your target audience instantly, are you really making a positive impact?
The moment your customers unbox or unwrap their goods, they're creating a hypothesis about you as a brand. This is where ensuring you use premium packaging, decorative features, or customised marketing materials to really put the finishing touches on their order.

Below are a few ways you can then use your nifty wrapping skills to make sure customer-ready goods are well on their way to making a powerful impact.

How to wrap objects of all shapes and sizes

Cylinders: Stock up on plenty of tissue paper, ribbon, tape and a pair of scissors. This is usually the most challenging shape to deal with, but once you have it down pat, you’ll have no issues next time around.

Our key tip is to make sure you don’t use too much paper when wrapping. Ensuring you use the right amount gives you a nice, clean fold at the top and bottom. Additionally, don’t approach it like it’s a box – it’s not. Instead, try to keep all the extra paper only at the end of the object, then tie it up with a ribbon to create the perfect look. If you’d like to get some practice in, using wine bottles can help you better your skills.

Tissue paper and gift bags: For unusually shaped objects, bags are usually the best option to choose. Boutique brands also choose this approach for a ‘luxurious’ appeal as well.

To pull this off perfectly, fold the paper neatly, so it doesn't look wrinkled or messy. Doing this also keeps the goods in place, once you fit it into the bag itself.

Box-shaped products: The easiest shape of all, boxes require you allow for just enough paper to fit the overall object. The trick is not to use too much paper, so it's not loose; use just enough to fit halfway down each of the sides of the box itself. If there's too much, use scissors to trim it.

What’s your go-to tip for wrapping items?


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