Date Posted: 28 May 2020  |  Written By Gift Packaging  
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Tissue Paper Update


There has been the smallest increase in price, we have tried to keep this to a minimum, price would have gone up ~$1.00

We have also had to change the way we pack our tissue paper reams.   Due to increase in freight/courier companies declaring our large flat tissue paper ream parcels with 'manual handling' due to be being "flat".  The charges for manual handling fees are ~$10 per carton!  

We don't want to make shipping more expensive or charge more for our tissue paper, so we have had to change the packing.   The tissue paper reams will now be folded in half.  So the carton is half the size, and less "flat".    We are sorry if this causes any inconvenience.  

Tip:  You can unfold the tissue paper from the box, lay it flat and place something on top, or stack a few reams ontop of each other to flatten the tissue paper out again.


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