Date Posted: 30 May 2013  |  Written By Michael Baker  
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Welcome Blog!

Hi All,

Welcome to our first ever blog post!

I'll give you a quick run down of our Blog, our website and our Company.  My name is Michael Baker, and I'm the third generation of Baker's in our Family run and owned gift packaging business.  (Yes third, normally spells disaster, well I will be proving this wrong......!)

Gift Packaging & Accessories Pty Ltd (GPA) has been in business now for 50 years! (That's a long time!).  In 1962 we started out as small boutique handmade bow producer selling to chocolate companies, florists and shoe companies (remember the little bows on Crosby ladies slippers?). As we grew we moved into years of being a full-fledged manufacturer with PP extrusion film machines from Europe, Automated bow making machines from USA, printing & laminating machines; we were known solely for Ribbons and Bows, and the largest producer in Australia. 

In the last few years, as imports for gift packaging products became cheaper and cheaper, we have had little option but to source from overseas to be more competitive.  We offer a vast range of products from overseas, but still produce and manufacture products in our warehouse to this day!  The product range has grown substantially and we are continually adding new products.   Some of our latest offerings has included custom made chocolate tins!

Our website informs our customers about our products and services; all gift packagaging and wrapping related.  Most obvious is that so our customers can quickly order their gift packaging items without fuss at a competitive price and receive them quickly.  Our site as some neat features we hope customers will like, including tracking orders, view previous orders and repeat orders (this can save precious time as customers can repeat an order with their favourite items so they don't need to add them to the shopping cart each time!)  The website is also now Mobile ready, so customers can use their mobile phones to order when they are out-and-about!

Our blog will hopefully let readers, customers, other bloggers know about interesting insights into Gift Packaging; colours, trends, ideas, DIYs, our products and uses.  We would love to hear your comments and feedback.



That’s the end of the blog! Thanks for your time.
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