Everyday and Premium Kraft Bags - We have new sizes!



We have added new sizes to our range, including Mini, Large, Extra Large and Large Boutique.

Plus a Take Away kraft bag as well!  

Check them out below or click here!

Note, our Large, Extra large and Large boutique all include base bottom cards to handle heavier items!

Kraft bags in stock you can buy as little as 50 bags, with bulk discounts when you buy 250 bags and more!  We have a big range of Kraft shopping bags, see the different sizes we have below.  We have popular natural brown kraft bags as well as white kraft bags, all with matching twisted paper handles.  The are strong and durable too.  Further below we have our colour kraft bags, including black kraft bags which is very popular at the moment!

Take Away Kraft Bag

These take away kraft bags have reinforced handles, and a bottom base card! Great quality, not too thin like others.  They are perfect for restaurants, market stalls and more!

Also added to our range: 


Do you need thicker, stronger kraft bags for your items?  View our range below, we have two types below to choose from.

View our Premium Brown Kraft Bags all made from strong kraft paper with reinforced handles and bases. 

These deluxe kraft bags have gorgeous Grosgrain black ribbon handles!  

Check out the Die Cut Handle Premium Kraft Bags!  These all have reinforced handles and bases too!  

Both Premium style kraft bags are prefect for those heavier items!


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