Date Posted : 14 July 2017  

NEW KRAFT BAG SIZES! We have added new sizes to our range, including Mini , Large , Extra Large and Large Boutique . Plus a Take Away kraft bag as well! Check them out below or click here! Note, our Large, Extra large and Large boutique all include base bottom cards to handle heavier items! Kraft bags in stock you can buy as little as 50 bags, with bulk discounts... continue reading

Date Posted : 11 July 2017  

Our Calico Bags are made with 100% cotton. They are washable, durable and reusable and great for the environment. We have a large range of Calico Bags, including drawstring calico bags, shoulder and two handles calico bags. If you are looking at buying bags that are environmentally friendly, can be reused again and again, then our Calico Bags will be perfect. Our calico bags are very durable, they are not thin and this makes them great for schools to use for painting, and also for printing on. If you are interested in having your bags printed, take a look at our screen printed calico bag options. If you want more detailed design with multiple colours, just send us an email for a quote. The calico bags are also cross stitched on the inside seams, which gives them extra strength, making ou... continue reading

Date Posted : 9 August 2016  

GIFT BOWS IN BULK! Best Bang for your buck! Do you have a lot of gifts to wrap? Add that extra touch to your gifts! These gift bows are the perfect addition to wrapping your gifts. Each gift bow, comes with adhesive backing, so you can easily pop a gift bow onto any gift. The classic star gift bow is fun! ... continue reading

Date Posted : 20 May 2016  

Satin Gift Bows Huge range of colours! Beautiful woven edge Satin gift bows for Wine Bottles Are you making wine bottle gifts for weddings, events, or birthdays? 10cm Satin Gift Bows - for wine bottles , come with an Elastic Loop - Just simply slip over the neck of... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 19 April 2016  

How to Save with Australia Post? TIPS Below To Help You Save Using Pre-Paid Satchels 1. SAVE $$$ - By sending your items in Prepaid Satchels If you are sending your items interstate it can be cheaper to post them in pre-paid Australia Post satchels, especially if the destination is far from your location. For Example. You have an item which is small, 270mm x 200mm x 60mm, and 2.7kg. If you send this item as a regular parcel from Melbourne to Perth, the cost would be $22.30. If you send this same item and place it into a 3kg Pre-paid satchel, the price is only $13.40! That's almost $9.00 cheaper! (..and even ch... continue reading

Date Posted : 26 October 2014  

Tissue paper is an incredibly versatile material which is why it makes a great substitute for wrapping paper when it comes to presenting your gift. Tissue paper will give you a slightly softer and classic look and is very easy to work with. One of the main benefits of using tissue paper is that it comes in a multitude of colours and patterns and is suitable to use all year round. If you make sure you always have a few reams of tissue paper in the house, you know you are able to wrap a gift quickly and effortlessly. Where possible always try and buy acid free tissue paper as this means the material will not tarnish whatever you are wrapping. Selecting colourfast tissue paper is also important as it means should the paper get wet, the colour will not affect whatever you have wrapped. Although tissue paper is ideal for wrapping most things, larger items might be more problematic, as you may not be able to find sheets big enough. It is possible to buy tissu... continue reading

Date Posted : 30 September 2014  

Tissue paper flowers are a great and versatile decoration. Here we’ve used them as a gift topper but the possibilities are endless. Some other great decorations are stringing them together and threading a fine wire fairy light through them to create a lighting feature. You can also hang them off string at different lengths from the roof to create a feature over the bed, desk or a window. The limit is your imagination. Use this instructo-graphic to make them and tell us how you’ve used them to decorate. ... continue reading

Date Posted : 26 September 2014  

Tissue paper is a popular product for wrapping gifts but there is much more to this humble wrapping material than meets the eye! The material can be used for hundreds of craft projects and decorative ideas, including wedding décor. In this blog, we will talk about using tissue paper to create flowers and pom pom garlands for your next event. White wedding flowers Tissue paper flowers are easy to make and look elegant and refined, suitable for any occasion, including weddings. All you need is some white tissue paper, wire and scissors. Here’s how to do it: Step 1: Take a few sheets of tissue paper and stack them together. Cut them in a rectangle. Step 2: Fold the paper on top of itself in a concertina, using the same width for each fold. Step 3: Once folded, take a length of wire and wrap it around the paper, maintaining the rectangular shape and folding the wire around it a few times. S... continue reading

Date Posted : 20 June 2014  

Wrapping gifts can be a lot of fun and with all the new and exciting ways to get creative, it’s now even better. Gone are the days of simply going to the nearest shop to buy generic, mass produced wrapping paper. After taking the time to get the perfect item for your loved one, you can go the extra mile with these extraordinary gift wrapping trends: Texture: 3D with trinkets Bind small and intricate items together to serve as accents on your printed wrapping paper. For the trinkets, you can use items that reflect your receiver’s personality. Think of them as pieces of a charm bracelet. This personalises the present to the recipient. Design: Fashion and couture If the gift you are giving is going to someone who loves fashion, consider creating outfit and design ensembles with your wrapping to reflect their creative minds. Sho... continue reading

Date Posted : 15 May 2014  

One of the things guests look forward to the most at a wedding is the wedding favours. Making it fun and unique is important to leaving a lasting impression. If you want an affordable and personal way to thank your guests, the following are a few simple wedding favour ideas that will impress. Customised paper bags A great trend appearing at many weddings is a more DIY approach. Think goodies bags you got as children but more elegant and refined. Brown paper bags are great for adding personal touches with stamps, stickers and ribbons to create a theme appropriate favour. Go for white if you want it to be more wedding t... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 14 April 2014  

Savvy Mums today are on the look out for ways to save money & time online. Busy enough with getting the kids ready in the morning for School, making lunches, cleaning up, laundry, dinner, helping with homework and more! And some of them doing all of this whilst having a day job! Mums are buying bulk wrapping paper (retail counter rolls of paper) ! A parent with kids, you will be celebrating a couple of birthdays a year (depending on how many children you have or friends and relatives have.) But not only that, your children will be going to their friends birthday parties too! Let's say they have a bunch of friends and in some cases they are invited to the WHOLE classroom which could be up to 30 birthday parties in a year.. and having a couple of children being invited to all their friends would be 60 birthdays!... continue reading

Date Posted : 4 April 2014  

A properly wrapped present can show the receiver the amount of time and effort you put into making their gift special. There is a significant difference in the way they will react from a normal gift bag to a well decorated present. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend more on wrapping your gift with style. To help you gift wrap with style, below are some tips to ensure your gift is memorable yet still affordable. Have the appropriate tools For some people, they believe a pair of scissors, adhesive tape and some wrapping paper is everything you need to package gifts. However, if you want to wrap like a pro, you should consider using a double sided tape dispenser and a rotary cutter instead. The handheld double sided tape dispenser allows you to apply tape to any part of the package with just one hand. The rotary cutter allows you to cut a straight line across your gift wrap. These tools make wrapping more efficient and neat.... continue reading