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It's time to think of the types of products and services you may want to get infront of your clients and customers. At the moment, having deliveries or dropping off products to customers locally is the best approach to take. Whether it's your product, combining your product with a new product, or maybe sourcing something entirely new! You could start making new assortments of hampers, gift sets and even care packs to deliver to your customers. Care Packs For your loved ones, parents, grandparents and even for the Kids! You could include Puzzles, Arts/Crafts, magazines, chocolate, tea, coffee and biscuits. You may have a special client that you want to send something to! Keep those special relationships buzzing and grow them stronger! ... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 27 March 2020  

We've put together some wonderful inspiration for you all this Easter. Take a look at the many ways you can transform a few packaging accessories into a gift that could bring a smile, to anyone's dial. ... continue reading

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If you’re not feeling so handy with finding a unique way to present your gift for the happy couple, we’ve got a few creative ideas up our sleeves to get you started. Put on your artsy hat – you’ll need it for this one. ... continue reading

Author : Digital Eagles   Date Posted : 15 March 2020  

Luckily, there are a few hacks you can employ in order to create the perfect look each and every time. Seriously, you’ll make it look like you had a professional on hand. Here’s how we perfect our wrapping skills on round goodies. ... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 20 January 2020  

Running your business is a challenge in itself, but adding in the need to stock up on packaging essentials when you need them most, can often come at a time that’s not so convenient. If your hip-pocket is taking a hit and you need some relief, all the while grabbing those must-haves for your business needs, then we’ve got you sorted with our new payment options. Introducing Afterpay and Zip Pay – two innovative ways to checkout your items next time you fill up your cart with us online. What is Afterpay and Zip Pay? These days, it can be hard to find the funds to purchase things you desperately need – be it professionally or personally. Both of these payment platforms allow you to checkout at participating online stores (like us) and pay ove... continue reading

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We are back! ... continue reading

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Santa’s already peeping around the corner, sack in hand and ready to hit our chimneys. But if you’re not quite ready for the seasonal rush, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered. Read up on what’s inspiring our team at Gift Packaging, with these colour combination hits. Brown and red We’re fans of the ‘organic’ look, and nothing quite tops it off like some nifty brown gift wrapping paper or even a paper bag. Otherwise known as ‘kraft’, brown is definitely in when it comes to wrapping trends – be it for a birthday or Christmas. Snatch up some of this and grab plenty of red ribbon while you’re at it. The trick here is to tightly cover your gift so that there are zero wrinkles or bumps. Then, carefully place the ribb... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 21 November 2019  

In a world where we are becoming more and more conscious of our carbon footprint, doing the little things for the environment around us is becoming a widespread priority. Even the smaller details of our day and shift in minor actions can have a profound effect. So it only seems right to do a post on some sustainability tips and tricks we’ve got up our sleeves. Even as you gear up to wrap that entire cupboard full of gifts into little bundles for the Christmas tree, you can do good for the environment. Our top tips for sustainable gift wrapping Ditch the mass-created reels of seasonal gift wrap this year and switch it out for some creative, inspired ways to go green. Go natural with brown paper If you haven’t noticed, we’re in love with this trend, but it’s for a good reason. Creating a simple, yet natural look, the use of brown paper pays homage to organic vibes... continue reading

Author : Gift Packaging   Date Posted : 21 November 2019  

The Silly Season is just around the corner, so naturally, we’re already diving head-first into preparation. From shopping for gifts through to stocking up on decorations, there’s plenty to love about this time of year. But with it comes the stress of getting ready for Santa, and that means preparing all of those little gems you got for your friends and loved ones. In this post, we’re throwing our favourite gift wrapping ideas at you – show off something a little different this year with these trends. The trends we’re loving Floral and feminine vibes Always a crowd-favourite floral paper inspires a sense of romance, femininity and beauty. But beyond this, there’s something positive about this trend that invokes elegance and simplicity. Floral gift paper is super easy to find (like the collections we have available) and allow you to create a high-e... continue reading

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Brand New Gift Wrapping Paper Designs! Bulk Rolls, 500mm x 60 metres. ... continue reading