Date Posted : 8 March 2014  

Finding the perfect wedding gift can be difficult. Wrapping it is just as important as the present itself. To help you ensure your gift impresses, below are some tips to wrap your wedding presents. Match the colour scheme of the wedding Most wedding gift wrapping colours are often chosen without much thought. The colour of your present though can be more significant if it is able to match the colour scheme of the wedding. Check with the wedding organiser or bride to be to find out the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. Doing this can show the bride and groom your appreciation of their special day. Let your creativity flow in packaging the gift Wedding gift packaging tends to stay on the safe side. They are often wrapped boxes, bags or baskets with a bow on top. The problem with this is how generic it looks and often seems like it was bought from a gift shop. Some of them even have the name of the gift sh... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 3 February 2014  

What is it? It's an eco friendly biodegradable paper protective packaging material made from SFI/Recycled material. A fantastic alternative to plastic bubble wrap and foam peanuts. But not only is greenwrap eco friendly and reducing plastic packaging wrap going to landfill, it looks GREAT and it's cost effective ! ... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 12 September 2013  

WOW! I know there are plenty of our creative customers out there who LOVE making and LOVE the look of Tissue Paper Pom Poms... Has anyone been making Tissue Paper Flowers ? Just as easy and a fun table decoration! We found a blog by Michelle DuPuis , who is great with crafts and handy with a camera! Take a look through her blog and her steps on how to create Tissue Paper Flowers. BE INSPIRED - Make your own Tissue Paper Flowers! Michelle Dupuis; Rust & Sunshine - Tissue Paper Flowers - DIY! ... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 23 July 2013  

Newly listed up Kraft Bags! Our plain and coloured kraft bags were so popular, we think these will be a hit aswell! For more details on pricing, click on the image of the kraft bag you are interested in. Babushka Kraft Carry Bags . Our kraft paper bags are made from strong 125gsm kraft paper and come in popular sizes to suit your needs. They have an understated look in kraft, perfect for those who want to provide a natural look. You will see that our kraft bag... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 9 July 2013  

We have listed up some of our party items over the last few weeks. Take a look below at some of the newly added party accessories; Party Crepe Garlands - great for decorating and hanging up around the party room. We have 7 popular colours and we are looking adding more later in the year too, these have been a great hit! You can twist and spiral the crepe paper garlands to make them fan out. Each paper garland is 3.6m in length, and 8.5cm wide with. ... continue reading

Author : Michael Baker   Date Posted : 30 May 2013  

Hi All, Welcome to our first ever blog post! I'll give you a quick run down of our Blog, our website and our Company. My name is Michael Baker, and I'm the third generation of Baker's in our Family run and owned gift packaging business. (Yes third, normally spells disaster, well I will be proving this wrong......!) Gift Packaging & Accessories Pty Ltd (GPA) has been in business now for 50 years! (That's a long time!). In 1962 we started out as small boutique handmade bow producer selling to chocolate companies, florists and shoe companies (remember the little bows on Crosby ladies slippers?). As we grew we moved into years of being a full-fledged manufacturer with PP extrusion film machines from Europe, Automated bow making machines from USA, printing & laminating machines; we were known solely for Ribbons and Bows, and the largest producer in Australia. ... continue reading

When it comes to planning a wedding, every detail must be perfect, from the big white dress right down to the salt and pepper pots on the tables. There is so much to think about when it comes to planning your dream day that it can be very easy to overlook some things, which is why brides often draw up huge lists. Wedding favours have become extremely popular at contemporary weddings, as the small gifts laid out on the wedding breakfast tables have become more extravagant over the years and guests have become to expect them. Traditionally, the small gifts were given at weddings from the bride and groom as a symbol of thanks for attending or as a keepsake of the day. Originally known as a bonbonniere, they started out in the form as a small trinket box which contained sugar cubes, which represented wealth and royalty. As sugar became more affordable, the cubes were gradually upgraded to sugar almonds. Nowadays there really are no limits to what couples de... continue reading